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From Women’s Renaissance Program featuring Jean Roberts

The Ladies

The Ladies of Weingart Women’s Renaissance program (213) 624-3370 featuring Jean Roberts and other ladies participating in a lip sync Talent Show sponsored by Union Rescue Mission; the winners!

Assembled in Oakland, California in July 1989, En Vogue launched with original members Cindy Herron, Maxine Jones, Dawn Robinson and Terry Ellis. The 4TH Annual Plymouth Jazz Festival on April 26, 2008 on the Plymouth Recreational Grounds in Tobago, West Indies.


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Himilayan Singing Bowls at Negril Beach, Jamaica

How it feels – When surrounded by the sound of Himalayan singing bowls, it is easy to slip into a dream-like meditative state to experience the lovely and warm harmonic vibrations. In this state, the body heals itself and inspiration comes into the right brain. It is unbelievable and must be experienced.

Himalayan bowls and gongs produce similar effects of assisting emotional and physical balance, and opening the right brain to inspiration from beyond the finite self. They are simply beautiful to hear and feel, with their fluttering harmonics and deep vibrating tones.

Himalayan Singing Bowls, My Second Breath with Teacher Taunya Lala Riviera performing on the island of Jamaica, a queen ra film

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