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Sacred Children Photo Shoot #1

Greetings & Blessings To All,

The first The Sacred Children Photo Shoot, which was shot in Skid Row at the San Julian Park, was a grand success. Both the Parents and Children were thrilled at the opportunity to pose for the have a picture printed out and handed to them in real time was special; my thanks to club members and DLANC for providing the portable printer for this community project.




michael Blaze


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Ms. Drea Chicas a lifelong member of skid row photography club sharing with us her love of telling people’s stories; keep up with her at http://www.filmingjuctice.wordpress.com as she begins her new digital media studies project.

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          Melvin Ishmael Johnson April 17, 2009

Like a long distance runner.

Lesley passed the baton.

The harvest are plentiful.

The workers are few.

Oh timeless traveler.

It’s just a journey.

Just passing thru.

Helping yourself by helping others.

Helping the community.

Helping the families.

Helping the little children.

Helping those to help them self.

Like Lesley did.

Those that know.

Teach those that don’t.

Give of yourself and volunteer some time.

And watch your life change.

It’s about giving.

That’s where it at.

Extend a helping hand.

Share your blessing and make things better.

Love books.

Love knowledge.

And love each other.

Like Lesley did.

Eternal life.

The Eternal Spirit.

Be born again and live forever.

The baton has been passed.

And now it can be told.

Lesley reached out to all of us.

And touch our soul.

Melvin Ishmael Johnson April 17, 2009

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